I was born and raised in the countryside village called Gaastmeer, among the Frisian lakes. As a child, most of the time I was surrounded by water. I swam in it, I fished out of it, I sailed over it, I’ve ice-skated on it and I fell in love for the first time in it. It’s just a small sampling of the existence of these lakes in my childhood that reminds me of home. Nowadays I can feel at home in a lot of places as I take these lakes along with me in my soul and still feel the child with it’s curiosity in me. I get inspired in my everyday life. When I meet people, when I travel, when I hear a sound or when I see the sunlight falling on the earth a little bit different than the minute before. Through art I’ve found a way to express myself and to ‘tell’ the stories that inspire me along my way.
To me, the lens is like a mirror that visually converts the unconscious into the conscious. This makes visible what is happening within me at that moment and what wants to be re-membered. This sometimes feels very vulnerable and naked. But by letting go of control and expectations and continuing to develop from a place of freedom, I get closer to my core. Beyond the form and the words lies the essence and a deeper connection with the source of my feeling. Nature is my compass and source of inspiration.